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"Rediscover the works of the great Masters by adding brand new words each time.

Our own contemporaneity.

This is why I always prefer reinterpretation to copy.

This is why I love to create my instruments with varnish and all construction details intact, allowing time to add its signs in an authentic way."


My story

Sono nata a Milano nel 1981.

Da sempre appassionata di musica, mi sono immersa presto nella sua magia con lo studio del pianoforte. Grazie ad un prezioso suggerimento, visito la Civica Scuola di Liuteria di Milano e la sua incantevole atmosfera senza tempo mi affascina all’istante. Qui, dove artigianato, arte e musica si fondono in maniera armoniosa, inizia la mia avventura nel mondo della liuteria.

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I was born in Milan in 1981.

Always been fascinat­ed by music, I soon became immersed in his magic by studying piano.

Tha­nks to a precious su­ggestion, I visited the "School of Violin Making of Milan" and its enchanting tim­eless atmosphere fas­cinated me immediate­ly.

Here, where art, craft and music blend in harmony, my adventure in the world of violin making started.

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My instruments


VIOLIN inspired by Guarneri del Gesù "Lord Wilton" 1742

Cremona 2021

Listen to my violin
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VIOLIN inspired by Guarneri del Gesù "Leduc" 1744

Cremona 2020

VIOLIN inspired by Stradivari "Il Cremonese" 1715

Cremona 2019

VIOLIN one-piece back inspired by Stradivari "Il Cremonese" 1715

Cremona 2018

VIOLA inspired by G.B. Guadagnini "Wurlitzer" 1780

My viola 40,5 cm designed to achieve the maximum comfort, richness and sound projection.
Cremona 2020

Listen to my viola
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BAROQUE VIOLIN inspired by Stradivari "Il Cremonese" 1715

Cremona 2012

BAROQUE VIOLIN inspired by Guarneri del Gesù "Lord Wilton" 1742

Cremona 2020

Listen to my baroque violin
00:00 / 00:51

VIOLONCELLO da spalla inspired by Fratelli Amati

Cremona 2011

Il violoncello da spalla è uno strumento incredibilmente interessante...

The violoncello da spalla is something incredibly interesting...

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First, the craft and workmanship on your violin is beautiful, extraordinary real­ly. The sound is very similar to Strads I know and I think that it has a complexity of sound and great res­erve of power. The true test is playing music in a real situation. I used it with great pleasure in two rehea­rsals and a concert. It gave me everythi­ng I wanted artistic­ally, and more possi­bilities than I had expected. I think th­is is a truly great violin and I

congrat­ulate with you on a rare and great achie­vement, I look forwa­rd to seeing more of your great work,

Daniel Phillips          

Violinist and Violin Professor at Juilliard School - New York



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